Family Learning

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Discover a world of learning opportunities within our Family Learning programmes at 2aspire. From adult learning courses to supporting family growth, we help parents, grandparents, and guardians to actively engage in their child’s education journey.

Adult Learning Courses

We offer qualifications in English and maths as well as courses for adults who have English as their second language. Our tutors are experienced in working with adults who may lack confidence in their own skills and the courses are taught very informally, in small group sessions and at the right pace for each learner.
Our courses can also help you to gain essential job-ready skills, including work ethic, effective communication, problem-solving abilities, and more, developing the qualities valued by employers and supporting your career growth. With a focus on practical, applicable skills, our courses pave the way for your career path.
“Adult Learning courses give you the opportunity to develop and provide evidence of key personal skills, qualities, and attitudes required by employers.”


Family Learning

Join our Family Learning workshops, for parents, grandparents, and guardians. These workshops provide insights into your child’s learning process, offering guidance on subjects like reading, mathematics, and IT. Through interactive sessions, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of how to support your child’s education.
Children spend most of their waking hours at home and everything you do to support their learning in their early years and through school helps them with learning in school. If you are unsure about how children are taught or find maths and phonics a new language, then our Family learning workshops and courses are just what you are looking for.

Our family courses:

  • Give you insights into how your child is taught.
  • Start with some adult-only time to understand teaching methods, from reading strategies to tackling maths problems.
  • Help you to get quality time with your child, participating in activities the support their lessons.

“Family Learning is all about families learning together. Our free courses are for parents, grandparents, and carers to help you give your child a positive start in life and to help support your child’s learning at home and school.”


Learn with Us

Whether you’re an adult seeking personal growth or a parent aiming to actively contribute to your child’s education, 2aspire’s Family Learning programmes provide a supportive and engaging platform for all.
So many of our learners have had to overcome challenges and barriers to achieve what they want and you can read more about their stories in on our latest news pages.


Family learning for schools

This section is specifically aimed at schools who would like to partner with us.
Recognising the fundamental role parents play in a child’s education, our Family Learning initiative encourages schools to foster an inclusive learning environment.


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