Family Learning for Schools

This section is specifically aimed at schools who would like to partner with us

Recognising the fundamental role parents play in a child’s education, our Family Learning initiative encourages schools to foster an inclusive learning environment. Like you, we know that children whose parents take an interest in what they do and are able to support their learning, do better at school and have improved life-chances.

Why Choose Family Learning

  • Cost-Free Engagement
    Our Family Learning courses are entirely free for both learners and settings. We cover the costs of experienced tutors and dedicated school staff members working together to deliver enriching 2-hour sessions.
  • Tailored Approach
    In the first hour, our expert tutors guide parents through activities that support learning, preparing them for the second hour of collaborative learning. The link teacher from the school actively engages with their children in the first hour and leads the second hour alongside parents, supported by the tutor.
  • Flexible Programmes
    Our range of flexible, friendly, and fun programmes caters to parental engagement and meets Ofsted criteria. We collaborate with schools to plan courses that align with their specific needs.

What other schools say

Partnering with Family Learning

Family Learning has positively impacted our partner schools, creating a supportive and engaging school community. We are here to support you, your parents, and your school, tailoring Family Learning courses to suit your unique requirements.


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