Student Success Stories

Here at 2aspire, we are lucky to have a large number of providers on hand, delivering a wide range of courses to suit leaners of all abilities and at different stages in their lives. Here are four student success stories from some of the programmes offered through 2aspire to show how they have helped our learners achieve success.

Success Story 1: Supporting Alistair with his Autism

When Alistair first enrolled with Abbey Access Training he was very quiet and struggled to interpret verbal and none verbal language. When asked a question he would rock back and forth for quite some time allowing himself to process the question due to his autistic traits. Whilst on the programme Alistair attended the Employability induction week followed by completing the customer service L1 in our training café.

He then progressed onto completing the customer service L2. Alistair pushed himself despite his lack of self-confidence and sensory sensitivity. During Alistair’s development across customer service Level 2 he asked if he could help with a dementia well-being group which takes place each week. Alistair came to the group and prepared coffees for everyone using the barista machine. Week after week he became more comfortable seeing the patients and their carers, remembering what the regulars hot drink choices were and initiating conversation with the group. Alistair then became more involved in the activities that took place and even sang with the group in their Christmas choir. When Alistair and his tutor would walk back to the training centre together he’d say, “being part of the dementia well-being group is the highlight of my week”

Success Story 2: Ethan’s experience with Multiply

Ethan’s started with Riverside back in 2021, looking for support to build his confidence and gain skills and qualifications to help him find work. Initial assessment identified a need for Ethan to gain support with both Maths and English skills. Ethan joined a Work Skills course to help build his confidence, and then went on to access a Get into Customer Service course to give him the important practical skills he could bring to a job, and add to his CV.

In 2022, he then moved on to more focused courses to build his confidence with maths, completing Multiply Courses – such as Maths Zumba and Maths Fantastic – which helped to develop Ethan’s maths skills in interesting, engaging and practical ways. When Ethan first attended Riverside, he wouldn’t have spoken in a group of people, was incredibly quiet and avoided eye contact. He lacked confidence in speaking, but he was determined to make progress towards finding work. After much hard work by Ethan he was able to secure an interview with golf manufacturer, Ping. While doing research for his interview, Ethan found a documentary video that showed how to make a golf club. He went through it with his tutor to ensure he understood the process, which gave him the confidence he needed to succeed. Ethan attended his interview and was offered a role with Ping in January 2023. He’s now well established in his new role. Ethan shared the news of his employment with the centre stating: “I’ve got good news and bad news, the bad news is you won’t be seeing me very much anymore, but the good news is I’ve got a job!” Ethan, Multiply

Success Story 3: Helping Melanie into the workplace.

Melanie gained support from Shaw Trust through the wellbeing and health programme and was referred to Lagat college’s employability course and also attended one of their Multiply money management and budgeting session. Both sessions benefited Melanie greatly. Melanie was living with no heat, little light and bills that she was struggling with, through initial assessment it came to light that she has been using blankets for warmth and candles for lighting at home and had no food.

Her confidence was low and she was suffering depression. The employability and money management LAGAT course really improved Melanie’s confidence. The course looks at the wider picture employability right through to self confidence and awareness, the course proved invaluable for Melanie. With this newfound confidence Shaw Trust assisted Melanie in applying for a part-time position at Lincolnshire Co-Op and with support from both LAGAT and Sure Trust, Melanie gained part-time employment with Lincolnshire Co-Op and started her role on the 23rd of March 2023. 

Success Story 4: Aleisha’s apprenticeship experience

“The reason I chose to do an apprenticeship is because you gain a qualification out of it at the same to me as working and earning money. It is a very good way to learn without feeling like you are in a school setting, which was good for me as I did not suit school learning. Throughout my apprenticeship I felt very supported by my trainer Alison she was amazing. everything was explained in detail and a way I could understand it. If it was not for Alison, I would not have resat my maths and English which I have also managed to achieve a long side my apprenticeship. I have a very good experience thanks to my trainer, manger, senior and to the team I work with, they have all been very supportive and understanding and allowed me to enjoy this experience and gain the most from it. With how the course is, it has allowed me to complete and understand that just because school was not for me does not mean I cannot do well. It is a very good qualification you gain from it and also the support you get is amazing, personally I found it better than school. Also, if you get the opportunity to re do Maths and English do it, it is a very good course which you also get a lot of support and to me with.” Aleisha White, Apprenticeships

We hope you found the student success stories inspiring. Are you ready to return to education? Visit our full subject list to find the perfect course for you.