Subcontracting Policy

Lincolnshire County Council (LCC) is committed to improving the outcomes for its Adult Learners by growing and diversifying the range of Adult Skills and Family Learning courses it delivers, responding to national and local priorities for skills and learning, and meeting market needs and demands. In order to achieve this, the Council subcontracts part of its provision to partner organizations that can demonstrate high quality delivery, that allows the service to engage with new markets and support the delivery of niche provision. 

Through skillful partnership working with other Adult Education providers the provision is designed to add value, and provide inbuilt progression routes to other provision.  This unique approach fills the gaps and meets the needs of Lincolnshire communities that aren't able to be met by other funding provision. Highly effective planning of the Adult Skills and Family Learning programme ensures a wide spread of provision is available across Lincolnshire, particularly in those areas where research has identified a need. 

The 2022/23 Subcontracting Policy can be found here.

We are required to publish our AEB delivery subcontractor fees and charges.
Please follow the link for 2021/22 subcontracting data.

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