Learner Behavioural Policy

Although we try to keep rules for learner conduct to a minimum, it is important that you know what we consider to be unacceptable behaviour and what happens when someone behaves unacceptably.

When you enrol for a course, you sign the Learner’s Declaration and you may also verbally agree to local or class rules at induction.

Behaviour on site and in classes is expected to be of a standard to allow effective learning to take place. Learners on site and in classes are expected to ensure that their behaviour/activity does not cause offence, damage or injury to other learners, staff or property. Learners must follow any regulations or guidance given concerning use of equipment, smoking arrangements or car parking.

As an Adult Skills and Family Learning provider, we hope that this is sufficient to safeguard all our learners by securing a pleasant and safe learning environment.

Further information is provided in our Learning Behavioural Policy which can be found here.

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