A rubber duck on vacation at the beach

Join the #DuckTravellingChallenge This Summer!

This summer, embark on an exciting adventure with Multiply’s #DuckTravellingChallenge! Everyone is invited to take a rubber duck on their summer travels and share its journey for a chance to win fantastic prizes.

How to Participate: 

  1. Pick Up Your Duck: Starting now, you can grab your duck from various libraries across Lincolnshire. Check the dates and times below for when we’ll be at major libraries. Please be aware that an adult must sign for the duck. 
  2. Take Your Duck on Adventures: Whether you’re heading to the beach, hiking in the mountains, or exploring a new city, bring your duck along for the ride. 
  3. Snap Photos and Track Miles: Capture fun and creative photos of your duck in different locations and keep track of the miles it travels. 
  4. Send us Your Pictures or Share on Social Media: Email multiply@lincolnshire.gov.uk a picture of your duck and the the total miles travelled. Or post your photos and the duck’s journey on social media using the hashtag #2aspirelincolnshire. Don’t forget to tag us! 

Why Join the #DuckTravellingChallenge? 

  • Fun and Engaging: It’s a great way to add a little extra fun to your summer plans 
  • Explore New Places: Discover new locations and share your adventures with others 
  • Win Prizes: The best photos will win exciting prizes 
  • Improve Maths Skills: Practice your numeracy skills and boost your confidence with everyday maths 

Where to Get Your Duck: 

Ducks will be distributed at the major libraries across Lincolnshire. Here are the dates and times you can pick one up: 

  • Gainsborough, 17/06/2024, 10.00-14.30  
  • Boston, 19/06/2024, 10.00-15.00  
  • Sleaford, 20/06/2024, 13.00-16.00  
  • Horncastle, 24/06/2024, 10.00-13.00  
  • Long Sutton, 24/06/2024, 14.00-16.00  
  • Market Rasen, 25/06/2024, 10.30-12.30  
  • Skegness, 25/06/2024, 13.30-16.00  
  • Mablethorpe, 26/06/2024, 10.00-13.00  
  • Woodhall Spa, 27/06/2024, 14.00-16.00  
  • Stamford, 28/06/2024, 10.00-12.30  
  • Lincoln Central, 01/07/2024, 10.00-12.30  
  • Spalding, 01/07/2024, 10.00-12.30  
  • Louth Library, 05/07/2024, 10.00-13.00  
  • Grantham, 11/07/2024, 9.30-12.30 

Don’t miss out on the fun! Pick up your duck before July 26th and start your #DuckTravellingChallenge. 

We can’t wait to see where your duck goes! Competition ends on 4th September. 

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