The ‘traditional’ classroom teaching method has successfully adapted to changes over the last few months and the range of online courses continues to grow.

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Where face-to-face courses are available, they don’t always fit into a work-life balance that is suitable for you. Choosing to enrol on an online course puts you in control of what you want to learn and when.

Here are some ideas to help you to structure your personal development:

  • Create a personal development plan, think about:
    • the skills you already have,
    • identify the skills you think you need now and, in the future,
    • what you want to achieve and how to achieve it.
  • Build the learning opportunities into your daily routine
  • Explore ways to plan for the future, think about future jobs, career changes or creating your own business
  • Connect with colleagues and friends, share your resources and your new skills, doing this is a great way to prevent a feeling of isolation.

There are lots of courses provided online by Adult Learning providers in Lincolnshire to help you learn at home.

These can be found here.


Recommended Websites

Pearson UK Learns – UK Learns provides access to some of the world’s best quality, certified courses that employers value. At a time you may need it most, many are free of charge, some for a limited period. You’ll find unparalleled depth and breadth – with new courses and functionality added every day.

Free learning from the Open University

Free courses online – Free online courses & qualifications funded by the UK Government.