National Numeracy Day with Multiply

On May 22nd, Lincolnshire learners dove into a day filled with exciting activities to celebrate National Numeracy Day!

First College in Skegness kicked off the fun with a delightful baking class. Participants mastered weighing, measuring, and timing with Bakewell tarts and sausage rolls.

Meanwhile, over at Skegness Library, Keyedsol hosted a lively Parabolas and Pringles session, adding a fun twist to mathematical concepts.

In Lincoln, the NHS organised an engaging information and number challenge event at Beech House. Attendees enjoyed entertaining number and weight estimation challenges.

Across Gainsborough, Market Rasen, and Mablethorpe, CLIP and Riverside Training brought families together for Pizza Parties. Parents and children explored fractions and proportions whilst making pizzas!

At Cherry Willingham Primary School, JustBegin ran an interactive Pizza Conveyor Belt activity. Parents supported children in selecting quantities of ingredients and organising the measurements on a recipe, leading to a delicious pizza to be taken home for dinner.

Looking ahead, from June 17th to 28th, Multiply staff will be present at local libraries across Lincolnshire. They’ll provide valuable information about a range of courses, from “Counting the Beat” to “Banking & Baking” and “Parent Maths” to “Packed Lunches.” Don’t miss this opportunity to improve your skills and knowledge!

For more details on our library events, visit Events & Activities | Lincolnshire Libraries | Better or explore Multiply courses at Multiply – 2aspire Lincolnshire.

Join us in celebrating learning and numeracy in Lincolnshire!