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Lincolnshire County Councils Community Learning Service works with a number of contracted learning providers throughout Lincolnshire. For details on these providers and the courses they have available, please visit our Providers page.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Search for a course?

On the right hand side of our web pages you will see the Find a Course app. You can use a keyword to search for a course, or open up the More Search Options to specify a time of day or day of the week.

If you click Search the search app will show you all the courses that are available. You can then filter that search in the Search Results window.


You can visit our Subjects or Providers pages. These have all the subject areas or providers we work with listed in an accordion style. Clicking on the subject area or the provider will show you relevant details and let you See all Courses. Clicking on See all Courses will show you the results of the subject area or the provider you were viewing.

How do I find out details about a course?

The Course Titles that are listed in the Search Results window are linked to the Course Details page. Click on the link to view the course description, start / end dates, day and any fees that are applicable. The Course Venue is also shown. This is a link that you can click to view detailed venue information and a map of its location.

Can I find out information about the Venue a course is running at? (E.g. accessibility details or general facilities).

From within the Search Results window, or the Course Details page, you will see the venue name of the course you are interested in.

This venue name is a link to the Venue Details page that includes: Specific contact information for the venue, facilities that are available at the site, a brief description of the site (if available) and a mini map of the location (you can click on the ‘view larger map’ link to obtain directions).

How do I enquire about a course I’m interested in?

All courses have a link ‘Make an Enquiry’ button within their respective Course Details page.

Click on this link to take you to an online form. Complete the form with your query which will be sent directly to the provider.

Can I book a place on a course online?

If online booking is available for the course you are interested in, click on the Register Online link that will appear at the bottom of the Course Details page.

You will need to supply us with some personal and contact information in the form that appears. Please see our terms and conditions to see how we use your details. The provider of the course will be in contact with you when they receive your registration form. The provider will advise you of information and guidance about the course and how to pay if there is a course fee.

Flexible Course

A course that has a start and end data encompassing when it is available for learners to attend, however it may be ‘Flexible’ with regards to the days of the week or times of the day that learners can attend. Information should be available within the Course Details page or can be obtained from the provider of the course.

Daytime / Evening

Daytime courses start before 18:00. Evening course run from 18:00 onwards.