Beatrice’s Journey – From Career Break to Career Success through Education

Beatrice had a tough time finding a job after taking an eight-year break to raise her children – But she didn’t give up. Beatrice took the first step on a new learning journey and attended an online course called “Calculations without Calculators“, offered as an adult learning course by the Lincolnshire County Council (LCC) Family Learning.

After finishing the course, Beatrice felt more confident and spoke with the LCC Project Officer about other courses and opportunities. Beatrice decided to up-skill and gain a qualification to help her get back into work and support her children with their schoolwork, so in Autumn 2023, she enrolled on to the LCC Functional Skills Maths Course. 

The Functional Skills Maths Course lasted for six months, finishing with an exam. Beatrice was able to attend the sessions whilst her children were at school and after studying hard and participating, she passed the exam and got a Level 2 Functional Skills Maths qualification. 

The course also included a helpful session from the National Careers Service, along with one-on-one help from a Careers adviser, to discuss improving her CV. 

After her studies:

Following Beatrice’s success on the course, she got a job at her local Primary School as a Midday Supervisor. With her new qualification and improved confidence, Beatrice applied for a Level 3 Public Services Operational Delivery Officer Apprenticeship – and she got it! 

Because of the course, Beatrice improved her maths skills and confidence meaning she can now help her kids with their maths homework. She also has developed more skills and has an improved CV which helps her find better job opportunities. 

Beatrice wants other parents to feel inspired and motivated by her story to start their own learning journey. She commented “Family Learning tutors are talented, approachable and supportive and the courses are run in the daytime so, as a parent at any age, you can learn and start again”. 

Ready to take the next step? 

Beatrice’s story demonstrates the power of education in enhancing both daily life and future career prospects. Their journey is a great example of the life-changing benefits of returning to learning. If you’re looking to enhance your skills and push yourself to achieving your full potential, explore the adult learning courses available through the Lincolnshire Family Learning  section on the 2aspire website. From maths to English and much more, there’s a course for everyone! 

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