Learning for Wellbeing

In our newsletter Health and Wellbeing we look at mindfulness. Feeling positive and calm within ourselves is important for our mental health, something which has been made more difficult recently with so much upheaval in our lives.  Mindfulness doesn’t remove stress or challenges in our life, but we can give ourselves more choice in how to handle them and a better chance of reacting calmly, by being aware of what we think and how we feel in challenging situations.

The NHS helps you to think of how to develop mindfulness in everyday simple routines such as eating or walking to walk by taking notice of what is around you.

Whatever your learning style https://www.actionforhappiness.org has apps, podcasts or books with ideas of how to start being mindful in our busy lives.


Please take a look at our ‘Handy Top Tips’ and see a list of websites below that may be able to support you.

Handy Top Tips – Doing what we can – Comforting at a distance

Handy Top Tips – Doing what we can – Structure and Routine

Handy Top Tips – Doing what we can – Stress Relief

Handy Top Tips – Doing what we can – The Emotional Cup


Find out the latest advice on face-coverings, managing your feelings and your wellbeing at www.mind.org.uk.



To find information about mental health support near you go to Connect to Support Lincolnshire.



Healthy MindsHealthy Minds Lincolnshire have developed a range of online workshops to support children/young people and families learn new strategies to manage a variety of emotional wellbeing concerns. Find a list of their workshops here.




Every Mind MattersKeeping in touch with people we trust is important for our mental wellbeing. Look at NHS anxiety tips for the facts and advice about how to cope if you are worried about the coronavirus situation.



“If you continue to feel overwhelmed by stress, don’t be afraid to seek professional help. It doesn’t mean you’re a failure. It’s important to get help as soon as possible so you can start to feel better.” The Family Services Directory & Local Offer is your online guide to services and information on local organisations for parents, practitioners, children, young people, partners and providers.  


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Be part of a group…

Stepping Stone Theatre for Mental Health – Based at Trinity Arts Centre, Gainsborough.




Don’t Get it Right, Get it Written – Three online writing courses lead by Kate Hull Rodgers. 90 minute sessions of creative writing. Some of the exercises are about testimonial writing, some are about fictional writing. Classes are drop in, each session is a stand alone lesson. Tuesday at 12 pm, Friday at 6 pm and 7.45 pm. To join, one must become a member of the Stepping Stone Scribblers Writers Group on Facebook. Start by befriending Kate Hull Rodgers.

Stepping Stone Strollers – a walking group that meets each Sunday at 10 am, at Roses Sports Ground. We do a leisurely walk around the playing fields. There is a Stepping Stone Buddy Bench on route. The walk is followed by free cake and coffee or tea.

The Lock Down Legacy podcast – a podcast hosted by Bill. Interviews with every day people telling every day stories.  Outlines what people have gone through during this Lock Down. Especially the stories of how the Pandemic has affected their mental health.

WOW – Women One o’clock Wednesday – an online support group for women.  This is more than a virtual coffee group, this is an ensemble of friendship.

Soon to start up – Singing for Sanity – a face to face singing group, singing for fun, meeting at Roses, dates to be confirmed.


And to support you and others….

Action for Happiness – Monthly Action Calendar – Our monthly calendars are packed with actions you can take to help create a happier and kinder world. You can find other language versions there too!