Who we are - Adult Skills & Family Learning in Lincolnshire

 "Our vision is that learning is recognised by our residents as an essential part of creating a better future for themselves and for the Lincolnshire community"

 The Adult Skills & Family Learning Services offers a wide range of courses that engage adults in learning which supports and enables them to enhance their quality of life, play a full part in the development of the local economy and community and progress to other learning, training and volunteering opportunities.

The Adult Learning Service provides learning opportunities that:

  • allow learners to develop their skills and confidence
  • encourage learners to progress to further learning, volunteering and employment
  • improve learner’s Employability
  • develop learner’s Community Leadership skills
  • develop and promote physical and mental wellbeing and social inclusion
  • support children’s achievement through the involvement of parents

 Creating opportunities to develop new skills

The Adult Learning Service delivers a wide range of learning opportunities that help people who are not in employment, education or training to develop the skills to gain employment and become ‘job ready’. These learning opportunities develop key personal skills, qualities and attitudes required by employers, as well as helping learners progress on their chosen course.  This supports the needs of employers and learners in Lincolnshire, both now and in the future.

The Adult Learning Service also delivers provision which will allow learners to develop new skills to support future career changes.

Providing employability courses

In addition to providing learning opportunities that support skills development, from brick laying to IT, we also provide specific employability courses which help learners prepare for work. The courses are run by friendly, approachable staff who will guide learners through their learning to help them reach their goals.

As part of their course learners will also receive information, advice and guidance to help with future life choices. Information, advice and guidance is available from the course tutor, learning centre staff or contact the National Careers Service:

Face-to-face advice

Call 0800 100 900 to find out if you're eligible for a face-to-face appointment with an adviser.


Text your name and the word ADVICE to 07766 413219 and an adviser will call you back for free. You can also use this text number to ask for information like telephone numbers and addresses.


Health and Wellbeing courses

Good mental health and wellbeing is important for everyone. Our range of Health and Wellbeing courses are designed to help learners live a better life and to improve their physical and emotional wellbeing. Our courses aim to build confidence and self-esteem, bring a positive balance to life, reduce stress and teach useful coping mechanisms and can also be used as a stepping stone to mainstream courses, voluntary work or employment.


Family Learning courses

We offer a variety of courses throughout Lincolnshire in schools and community venues, where parents are able to learn with their child. It may be to learn about how phonics is taught, the importance of play or it may be to improve their own literacy or numeracy skills, so that they feel more confident in supporting their child. These Family Learning courses are a great way for parents, grandparents or carers to spend quality time with their children, have fun and find out how their children learn at school. They also provide an opportunity for parents to share ideas with other parents and develop their own skills.

Need a course in your area?

If you would like us to deliver courses in your area to help you get back into employment, support a change in career, improve your employment prospects, or find out where your nearest employability course is being delivered please email info@2aspire.org.uk


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