Terms user guide-Section 07

7) Hints and tips

  • Press F1 for help
  • You can paste into TERMS using Ctrl + V
  • Where the buttons have a letter underlined, you can use ALT and the letter instead of clicking on the button.
  • Learners have different coloured text in the list of people in the peoples module, these are related to debt/credit on their accounts:
    • ORANGE indicates a person who does not owe money now but will owe money in the future according to their existing debts records.
    • RED indicates a person who owes money now.
    • GREEN indicates a person who is owed money.
  • Please notify Steve if you notice a Duplicate Learner
  • The People and Activity Menus can both be open at the same time, use the tabs at the bottom of the screen to switch between them.
  • To aid visibility, you can use your browsers zoom function to increase the font size. If you do this, it is advisable to use the full screen mode of TERMS. To activate this, click the icon highlighted in Red from the list of icons.
  • In the “MyTerms Setup” screen you can change the colour theme of TERMS. Find the one that is most comfortable for you.