Terms user guide-Section 06

6) Completing an enrolment

When an enrolment has finished, whether it has completed or withdrawn, there are three important pieces of additional information that need to be added to the enrolment:

  • Attendance – used to calculate the attendance rate by comparing against the course GLH
  • Results- used to calculate the Retention, Success and Achievement rates (See the entries in Section 8 for the formulas used), this consists of
    • Enrolment status (Completed, Withdrawn, Transferred)
    • Outcome (Achieved, Not Achieved)
    • Grade
    • Date Awarded
  • Destination – Used to calculate the positive destination percentage.
  • In the following sections below (6a to 6c) the method of bulk adding information will be explained. Section 6d will show where you can add this information for an individual enrolment.

6a) Marking the register
6b) Adding results
6bi) Adding results individually
6bii) Adding results in bulk
6biii Removing Results
6c) Destination
6ci) ILR Destination recording
6cii) Reporting Destination recording
6d) Changing the actual end date
6e) Unregistering Learners
6f) Learner study aim screen
6fi) Delivery tab
6fii) Monitoring tab
6fiii) Funding tab
6fiv) Work and Trailblazer tab
6fiv) Old values tab