Terms user guide-Section 03a

3a) Adding a course

Click the Insert button to start the activity wizard, if the contracted code wasn’t selected in the All Types field (see above) TERMS will ask you to select the contract code, which it calls the activity type.

It may ask if you wish to copy a previous activity. It is entirely upto you if you want to click Yes or No. This guide will assume you are creating a course from scratch. Note: If you do copy from a previous course you will need to make sure that you check all the course details thoroughly as the copy will replicate all the course information.

In the introduction screen click Next.

The sections noted above need to be completed.

The course code is currently limited to 10 characters, if a course code is not entered then the system will generate one starting with “WIZ”

The category is where the status of the course is set. If the course did not run, please use “Course Closed”. If the course has finished and all enrolments have been finalised, please use “Course Completed”, all other courses should be set to “Course Planned/Running”.

The Group is where you will set the provision type. The current list is:

Category Comment Usage Expired
Apprenticeship Levy FM36 Apprenticeships that started after 1st May 2017  LCC only  
Lot1-AS_Employability & Skills Funding Model 10    
Lot2-WL_Wellbeing Programmes Funding Model 10    
Lot3-FL_Outcomes for Families Funding Model 10    
Lot4a-QC_Vocational Quals Funding Model 35    
Lot4b-QE_Eng & Maths Funding Model 35    
Non ESFA funded Funding Model 99    
Traineeships Funding Model 35 19+ Traineeships    

From the above table during the academic year 2021/21 Contracted Providers should only use Lot 1, Lot 2, Lot 3, Lot 4a and 4b and Traineeships.

Make sure that the “Any Provider” box is unticked and select your own provider name. If this action isn’t carried out other providers will be able to edit your course(s).

The “funded by” line has a button labelled “Select”, this is where the primary learning aim is assigned to the course.

The learning aims are grouped by the funding model they are assigned to.

FM10 is used for the adult skills and non-accredited family learning provision.

FM35 is used for accredited provision.

If the learning aim is not in the list first check to make sure that it is a valid aim for the academic year by searching the LARS database. https://hub.fasst.org.uk/Learning%20Aims/Pages/default.aspx then contact Steve Bannister to get this new learning aim added to TERMS.

If the learning aim is not assigned then the course will not generate funding and therefore will not appear in reports.

The Extra Information button is where additional course information is added and the venue is selected. When this button is clicked on a new screen will appear with 3 tabs.

Additional Information tab

If the venue is not listed, please contact Steve Bannister with the name and address of the venue so that it can be added to TERMS.

Funding Details tab

In this screen the Funding Model, Source of Funding A (which will always be 105) need to be completed. If the Funding Model 10 is used then the ASL Provision Type needs to be selected from one of the values below.

1PCDLUsed for Adult Skills
2NLDCNot used
3FEMLFamily Learning English/Maths
4FWLFamily Learning (non English/Maths)

Funding Model 35 must not have the ASL Provision Type entered.

Admin Data tab can be ignored.