The Adult Skills & Family Learning Service seeks to provide a safe learning environment by:

  • Valuing learners by listening and respecting them
  • Adopting safeguarding guidelines through procedures and a code of conduct for staff and volunteers
  • Recruiting staff safely
  • Sharing information about concerns with agencies who need it and involving learners and their parents/carers appropriately
  • Having robust Adult and Children's Safeguarding Policies in place to create a safe and secure learning environment that promotes well-being and security at the venue, essential for all learners and staff. Learners have the right to feel safe where they learn and it is the responsibility of all staff and learners to help achieve this.

We are committed to providing a learning environment where all learners feel confident that everybody is treated fairly on their chosen learning programme. To achieve this learners and staff are:

  • Reminded to respect other people's right to safety and not to hurt or abuse or threaten to hurt or abuse others
  • Provided with effective personal care support, where appropriate
  • Given guidelines, procedures and information to address harassment, hurt and bullying, and how to seek help where necessary
  • Taught be appropriately vetted and trained staff, skilled in supporting the various needs of learners and who challenge inappropriate behaviour and language.

Safeguarding Statement

If you feel you have not been treated fairly, or if you have been harassed or bullied during your course, please speak to your Tutor or another member of staff who will deal with your complaint promptly and confidentially. Alternatively, you can speak in confidence to the Customer Service Centre on 01522 782011.

Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups

Anyone who works or who has contact with vulnerable groups has a duty of care to report actual or suspected abuse. If you have any concerns please contact the Customer Service Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups number 01522 782155.  Our Safeguarding arrangements meet with the requirements of the Protection of Freedom Act 2012.


Prevent is part of the national counter-terrorism strategy and aims to stop people being drawn into or supporting terrorism

Prevent operates in the pre-criminal space, so it's about supporting individuals and re-directing them not criminalising them

The Police will work together with Lincolnshire County Council to provide practical help to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism and violent extremism and ensure that they are given appropriate advice and support

Terrorism and Violent Extremism may be related to any religion or faith or to political or environmental issues.

There is no single route into terrorism and violent extremism, nor is there a simple profile of those that may become extremists.

Should you have any concerns about somebody you know then please contact Lincolnshire County Council on 01522 555367 or via email at

You may also contact the Police to discuss your concerns on 01522 885350 or via email at

Further information on how we seek to keep our learners safe is provided in our Safeguarding Policy available here.

Tackling Hate Crime Together

Lincolnshire County council is committed to reducing hate crime across Lincolnshire as well as making sure support is always available to people who are victims of hate crimes and incidents.

Support organisations for anyone suffering from a hate crime or incident, or who has witnessed it are:

Just Lincolnshire: Tel: 01522 520174; Mobile: 07867 385826;

Victim Lincs team: Tel: 01522 947510,

E-Safety – safe and responsible use of modern technology

The Adult Skills & Family Learning Service aims to provide a safe learning environment for all learners for the duration of the course and recognises its responsibilities to keep learners safe online whilst undertaking learning activities, whether this is at home, in the classroom or in the workplace. 

Online course safety information can be found here.

Further information on E-Safety can be found in our E-Safety Policy here.

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