Lincolnshire County Council, Adult Skills & Family Learning Service

E-Safety Policy 2020/21


This policy relates to any use of ICT in the delivery of any courses through Lincolnshire County Council (LCC) Adult Skills & Family Learning programme, either directly, or by any external providers, tutors or learners. This policy will be monitored and updated annually to reflect any updates in E-Safety and changes in legislation.


What do we mean by E-Safety?

E-Safety is about safe and responsible use of modern technology to include:

  • existing and upcoming stationery/mobile electronic devices
  • existing and developing Internet-based technologies
  • where it is used for the purposes of Learning, Business or Recreation

The aim of the policy on E-Safety

The aim is to ensure that LCC's Adult Skills & Family Learning courses provide a safe learning environment for all learners for the duration of the course; while learners have access to and use of the premises and facilities. In addition to statutory requirements the organisation recognises its responsibility (duty of care) in providing learners with knowledge and skills that will allow them and their children to remain safe online at home and/or at the workplace as part of preparation for employment and developing skills for life.


Links with other policies

To be effective, the E-Safety policy is to be applied in conjunction with the Safeguarding policy, with particular regard to Vulnerable Adults and the Health & Safety policy, as well as the ICT Acceptable Use policy.


Roles and Responsibilities

All teaching and non-teaching staff are responsible for supporting safe behaviour in all learning activities and for following E-safety procedures. 

  • The Adult Skills & Family Learning Team should comply with all legislation relating to E-safety including the Counter Terrorism & Security Act 2015.
  • All tutors should participate in any E-safety training and awareness raising sessions, including Prevent training.
  • All tutors should be familiar with the E-safety and the iPad/ICT Acceptable Use policies and act in accordance with them.
  • Tutors should be aware of where to go to get help and advice and of reporting procedures.
  • Tutors should act as a good role model in their own use of ICT.
  • Where Internet use is pre-planned in sessions or enrichment activities, learners should be directed to sites which are appropriate for their use and where possible tutors should pre-check sites and any possible searches.
  • Learners should be advised, pre course, and reminded during the course, not to have inappropriate or personal identifiers visible in the background of virtual sessions
  • Learners should be provided with knowledge and skills that will allow them (and their children where appropriate) to be safe online at home and/or at the workplace

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