Equal Opportunities

Equality of opportunity & diversity.

Lincolnshire County Council welcomes learners from all backgrounds and is committed to providing the best possible learning opportunities for all our learners.

We will:

  • Provide education and training opportunities for all, without discrimination, and treat learners with courtesy and respect
  • Make sure the premises we use are accessible, safe, clean and suitable for purpose
  • Listen to what our learners say and recognise that people have different ways of learning
  • Make sure that individual learning needs are met throughout the course, with opportunities for learners to feedback on their progress
  • Monitor learner progress and achievements and provide additional support to ensure that all our learners make progress in their Learning Journey
  • Embrace diversity and encourage people to maximise their potential and be valued for the contribution they make to our community
  • Regularly consult with the wider community in order to monitor and evaluate the quality of our service delivery
  • Challenge unsuitable behaviour which offends or discriminates against fellow learners and/ or staff
  • Make sure our staff are well trained and supported so they can provide a high quality service
  • Provide information for learners, written in plain English. Information can be requested in large print, Braille, other languages and audio formats

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