Family Learning Courses

   Family Learning courses for 2023

Our free Family Learning courses are a great way for parents, grandparents or carers to find out how to support their children with what they learn at school. With our range of subjects from Wellbeing, Grow your own, English for Speakers of other Languages and Play as well as maths, English, reading and IT to choose from there is something for everyone.


Working together as a group with other adults, we'll share activities and ideas to support your child with learning at home and then you will work with your child for an hour putting all ideas into practise alongside staff from school and your tutor.


Talk to your child's class teacher to find out if your school is offering one of our Family Learning courses or fill in our questionnaire so we can talk to your school about starting a course Family Learning for me and my family


But don't just take our word for it!

Find out how learners enjoyed our online workshops to help them with learning at home.


Beatrice enjoyed working with all our tutors on our online 
'They [tutors] all are very friendly, having a good knowledge about what they taught and helpful too. I really really enjoyed all the sessions and specially felt self satisfied. After a long time I was able to have a me time, it’s really boosted me up. I was able to improve my knowledge. I felt I have done something for my self. I wish may all the mothers same like me can benefit through these courses. Also I wish to attend many more courses in the future.
The online sessions are very good for parents like me who have childcare issues.
Overall I am 200% satisfied'



Louise attended our online 'Fonnix or Phonics? 'Workshop in March
'As a mum, who is always second guessing herself and by any means not a school teacher, I found lockdown learning and homework sometimes daunting. When your child comes home at 4 with homework, be it from preschool or school and the look of confusing washes over you, you feel useless.
However, this workshop helped me see a window in the world of supporting my child and to the best of my ability. I was able to understand the way he needed to be taught and learn the way I could do it.
The workshop is a great additional skill for anyone who is second guessing themselves like me. When I was able to use this new knowledge I noticed a change in myself and my son and you know what a sense of enjoyment and profoundness that when we both achieve something together!'


Oliver joined in on some of our workshops:
'I enjoyed the pace and flow of the informative and fun sessions with a variety of friendly and professional tutors. The sessions were highly beneficial, applicable and useful for everyday family learning and activities.'


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