2ciii) Funding Details tab

This has 5 subsections.

General is where the ULN, Contact Preferences for the Learner can be changed.

If a Learner cannot be issued with a ULN (This is for Funding Model 10 only) then the value of 9999999999 should be entered and the ULN not required field should be ticked.

The Study Learner button (Highlighted in Pink) will allow you to access further details about the Learner. For more information please see the Study Learner Button section.

ILR is where certain ILR annual specific values are stored. Please note you do not need to enter any information here as it will be entered elsewhere (please see section 2e for information).

Employment is where the employment status values are held for the ILR.

If there isn’t an entry, use the “Insert” button to add one.

If there is an entry you can use the “Change” button to edit it.

The “Date employment status applies must be before the enrolment start date.

See 2bi) Adding to the Learner database-Employment Status for more information

Destination and Progression (D&P) is where the Destination values are recorded. The Start Date must always be after the end date of the enrolment. Similar to the Employment tab, use the Insert to add a new record or Change to edit an existing one.

See section 6c for information on completing this