2bi) Adding to the Learner database-Employment Status

The options for Employment status are:

Code Description
10 In paid employment
11 Not in paid employment, looking for work and available to start work
12 Not in paid employment, not looking for work and/or not available to start work
98 Not known/not provided

If option 10 is chosen then the Employment Intensity Indicator (EII) and the Length of Employment (LoE) must be entered

If option 11 or 12 is chosen the Length of Unemployment (LoU) must be entered, the Benefit Status Indicator (BSI) is optional but can affect the co/full funding if the enrolment is accredited.

Example of a Learner in employment

The Employment Intensity Indicator (EII) values 1 to 4 are not valid and should not be used.

The Self Employment Indicator can be used, but the LoE and EII must still be entered.

Example of a Learner not in paid employment

The Benefit statusus 1-3 are not valid after the 31st July 2020